Black Lace & Cupcakes

Black Lace & Cupcakes

My new adoptee!

I went over to see my Dad and sister's today for ne of my sister's 15th birthday. They've always kept hamster and lots of other animals as pets so I thought they might have a spare cage that I could put Margret in until I get her a bigger cage of her own. My stepmum then introduced me to her hamster, Dutch, and I think my heart broke a little bit; the state of his cage was apalling and looked and smelt as though it hadn't been cleaned out for months. The poor little man had no floor covering except a sheet on urine soaked newspaper; it looked as though they'd been putting fresh food in the cage without taking out the old food so it was piled up in the corner; he had no toys, just a soiled igloo with some toilet paper shooved in.

Just as we were about to go home my stepmum asked me if I'd like to take Dutch home and give him a nicer life. My heart glued itself back together and I agreed without hesitation. She took the bathroom to rinse the cage out while he happily sat in my hands without even thinking of biting me even though I'd just been eating a veggie burger and probably smelled quite tasty! He is such a sweetie, very gentle and friendly. I've disinfected his cage and lined it with soft sawdust, and he's got all the toys that won't fit in Margret's cage and actually seems to be paying more attention to them than her! He's been munching pumpkin seeds and climbing all over the place happily since I put him in his clean home.

Dutch's teeth are quite long so do you think I should take him to the vets or will hi gnawing on his wooden toys file them down enough?

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Another question; Dutch's fur isn't matted but it's quite unkemped and he has bits of sawdust and food stuck in it, do i need to buy a special hamster comb or can I just use a fine tooth comb like a nit comb?


Laura x

Book Read in 2009 So Far...
Personal Demon - Kelley Armstrong - January

Living with the Dead - Kelley Armstrong - February

The Birthing House - ChristopherRansom - April

Marked - P.C & Kristen Cast - April

Betrayed - P.C & Kristen Cast - April

Chosen - P.C & Kristen Cast - May

The Awakening - Kelley Armstrong - May

Men of the Otherworld - Kelley Armstrong - June

Hunted - P.C & Kristen Cast - July

Lily and Fushias
A birthday card and gift for my Nanny...

fushia 1

A book mark.

lily 2

lily 1

Craving Colour
I need more colour in my life, more rainbows and butterflies.
I need to burn more incense and light more candles.
I need to wear more dresses and cut my hair.
I need to laugh more and make some friends to lie on the grass with and drink herbal teas and talk of the Universe.
I need to see the bright side, the happiness, the good things that I have in my life.


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